Luann Armstrong Blay Abilene
President/CFO - Operations

Jim Blay Abilene
Vice President 
Construction Specialties Quotes; 41 Years Experience
Will Tippen Abilene
VP, Business Development  

Larry Hickerson Abilene
Outside Sales: 34 years experience  

David Perkins Abilene
Commercial Estimating and Sales: 26 years experience

Scott Washburn Abilene
Purchasing Agent: 30 years experience  
 Keith Glover Abilene
Waterworks Estimating / Purchasing : 20 years experience  
 Tony Grainger Abilene
Construction Specialties Quotes / Sales  
Becky Grainger Abilene
Construction Specialties Quotes / Sales  

Kaely Blay Tippen Abilene
Justin Tidwell  Abilene
 Warehouse / Receiving  
 CJ Mumford Abilene
 Warehouse / Deliveries  
Chrissie Darilek Abilene
Front Desk
Mary Youngblood
Steven Haddix  Brownwood
Branch Manager - 10 years experience
 Brad Jetton Brownwood
 Waterworks, Estimating / Purchasing: 15 years experience  
 Travis Robertson
 Branch Manager - 10 years experience

 Gary Basinger
 Counter Sales  


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